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"Before Health Quotes Plus - We paid higher health care costs for lesser individual coverage! We trusted Health Quotes Plus to place us into a lower cost, superior group health plan for me and my wife.  Health Quotes did it!  It wasn't easy - But, they did it! And every year the carrier reviews our plan for compliancy!  Every year, Health Quotes Plus keep us compliant and they guide us through every renewal - year after year.  We are never alone."

BT- San Diego, CA
Husband & Wife Company

"Not only did Health Quotes Plus do everything they said that they would do- they did event more!  I was told that it would cost me $8,900 to correct a health issue.  HQ Plus stepped in and re-negotiated my cost to less than $2,500.  Not only did I save 65%; but, the savings didn't set me back and I was able to get married when I had planned!"

RB- Oceanside, CA
7 Employee Group

 "My wife was diagnosed with Valley Fever.  At the time, no doctor was willing to treat her; because, there was no formal treatment.  Robin at Health Quotes Plus contacted the right people and insisted on them assigning the states top specialist to handle my wife's care.  We are still grateful and relieved that can rely on the customer support of Health Quotes Plus.  Customer service is everything and will always be top notch with Health Quotes Plus." 

RL-  El Monte, CA
12 Employee Group

 "Health Quotes Plus expedited having a medical liaison assigned for my medical care which also expedited my prescriptions and care to where doctor referrals were no longer required for my care-  even though I have an HMO. Awesome service!"

LC- Redondo Beach
160 Employee Group

 "My company has been doing business with Health Quotes Plus for the past 15 years.  My employees' know that when they have insurance issues with their doctors, medications, procedures, and even billing, that they can rely on Health Quotes Plus to handle their customer service issues. 

As an employer, Health Quotes Plus has consistently re-negotiated our annual increases ad the proposed rate increase was greatly reduced. Every year, we save thousands!"

GG - Compton, CA
155+ Employee Group

 "I left my employment a year ago.  My entire retirement savings was placed into an investment vehicle earning a fixed 1%.  I met with Robin of Health Quotes Plus since they handle employee benefits.  He redesigned my retirement portfolio to where in 20 years' my nest egg will be 4 times larger than originally planned and I'm now happy to be earning 8% annually!

LC- San Fernando, CA
Individual Client

 "Rather than just saying you don't qualify, Health Quotes Plus approached the carrier, pushed, and negotiated an exception to approve qualification for a health insurance policy.  Their efforts saved me $14,000 in medical bills!" 

Randy L.-  Costa Mesa, CA
48 Employee Group

 "My insurance policy was new and my medical card still had not arrived.  It was late at night on a weekend when I was taken to the hospital and my coverage could not be verified by the carrier.  So, I called Health Quotes Plus; hoping that someone would answer the phone.  To my surprise, an agent went out of his way and faxed over the required documentation and I was finally admitted.  I was very impressed with the customer service that was provided to me!"

S. Carit- Lake Forest, CA
100+ Employee Group

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